Crazy cravings of a Foodie

Cravings can be a very crazy thing, that awkward moment when you just feel like eating a particular thing and you just can’t seem to lay your hands on it. Trust me those are very frustrating moments and it seems like your whole life is on pause at that moment until you satisfy the urge. Please o it’s not like am pregnant and it is not only pregnant women that have cravings alone, I believe cravings are natural and happens to everybody once in a while, whether male or female, young or old, whoever you might be, there are moments where you just want to eat that particular meal or take that particular drink or ice cream.

Let me tell you about a time I had a bout of crazy cravings. It all started on a Tuesday evening, my kid sister and myself were perusing the net for food and we came across this picture of roasted corn; funny enough I am not a fan of roasted corn, I prefer boiled corn to it, but that day was something different. It was like a beast had been unleashed in me and I wanted to eat roasted corn. Now I stay in a government residential area and trust me finding roasted corn in my area is like looking for a needle in a haystack but this craving had come and it was not letting up. My sister found the whole situation funny because she knows I am not a roasted corn person and it was already late in the evening, where was I going to find my roasted corn? I decided that come rain or sun I was going to eat roasted corn and no one, no situation was going to stop me from eating my roasted corn.

At about 8pm when I could have it no longer I decided to drive out of the area and look for roasted corn. I normally don’t drive at night but this day I had to drive and look for my roasted corn. My sister just laughed and wished me good luck in finding my roasted corn.

Jokingly and maybe I was partly serious I said I was not going to stop driving until I came across roasted corn. To cut the long story short, I actually drove all the way from Ikeja area to Surulere area of Lagos just to get corn, coincidentally I did not even get roasted corn I got raw corn, I bought the corn like that and took it home to roast myself. After roasting the corn and I ate like 3 cobs I was finally satisfied.

Funny thing about the whole thing is I have not eaten roasted corn in about 3 months and that day I felt like I was going to die if I did not eat corn.] So, tell me about a time you had a crazy craving or about somebody’s experience with crazy cravings.

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Tobi Coker