Food you should not eat on your first date

After eyeing that guy for months, he finally takes notice of you and asks you out on a date. You dust out that sexy dress or outfit from your wardrobe, take hours putting on makeup and when he says your makeup looks beautiful you just front and say “oh, It tooks less than 15 mins”. Well after putting so much effort into how you look and in a bid to impress this guy, you want to drop your carnivore attitude in your house and whip out your best eating etiquette…only if that’s all it took. While you’re trying to be prim and proper, some foods won’t let you be great but not to worry. Here’s a list of foods you should never try on a first date.
The one you cannot pronounce
In the name of whatever you hold dear in your life, if you go through the menu and you cannot pronounce what you want to order, my darling, just leave it for another day. You might see something like fried tarantula and want to show you date that you like food from “the abroad”, bad idea! There’s nothing wrong in going with what you know and what you’re comfortable with. That way, you won’t torment your stomach or your date and there might be assurance for a second date.
I can already feel spaghetti lovers ready to close this page but hold on now, the problem is not with the spaghetti, it’s with those who make the spaghetti. Some people drown our precious spaghetti in oil and when you are eating in front of that special someone, the last thing you want is oil all over your lip looking like a 2 year old. There is nothing sexy about having spaghetti splattered everywhere.
Extra spicy pepper soup
If your plan is that your mouth would be on fire literally throughout the whole date then please have as many bowls as you want. The essence of the first date is to get to know the other person better which involves dialogue and it would take special powers for a person to have a hot bowl of pepper soup and still be able to hold a proper conversation. The spicy pepper soup can always wait for the third date honey.
A first date is not the place or time to show your utter adoration for anything and everything garlic. Think about it properly, do you want a kiss at the end of the date or a very Christian brother and sister handshake or even worse, a wave? Make your choose very wisely
Burgers or chicken wings
Burgers are usually very huge and it’s almost impossible to take that big bite and look cute. Chicken wings are just the height of it. I don’t know about most girls but I know that I would not like to have any sort of grease or sauce on my hands on a first date. I love love love chicken wings but let’s wait till we’re proper girlfriend boyfriend before showing such “intimate” parts of our lives
Any sort of food with meat
I’m not being extreme here. The thing is that some chefs just have it out to make some of us look bad. It’s like they never even cooked the meat. One already has so much pressure to make a good impression and then I have to think of a way to saw through and swallow my meat? Nah boo! Ain’t got time for that. You can never have that issue with fish but if you absolutely detest fish, good luck with that!

Tseshiname Onibasa