It is all about Happiness

At Foodie, we strive solely to make you happy. It’s just that simple. To cater for you, be there when you need us, when you are happy, when you are not, when you are bored, lonely, too busy or just hungry. We will be here, ready to ginger your senses and taste buds with our varieties and tantalizing dishes and contents, specially prepared to bring back that spark in your day.
Go through our several offerings, browse through our blog posts and relax as we bring you the best of food, fun and thrills to get you started in the morning and stay with you all through the day till late at night. Feel free to talk to us anytime via our customer satisfaction number (0806-655-1148), a direct link to hear from you or drop a message in our mail ( or Whatsapp/Order Number (0906-534-9205). We will love to read your messages and we will get back to you ASAP.
Words cannot describe how much you mean to us. We hope together we can spread happiness through our meals. Have a great day. We love you!!