The Fate of Potatoes

A long time ago, in a market known as Bubu, there lived a man who sold potatoes, Dennis.There was a particular basket of potatoes which could best be described in today’s terms as “the slayers” …*Grins*. Among this group can be found Troy,a “fresh” potato and his babe,the slay queen, Ronnie.Troy loved Ronnie so much. Now, they all wanted to leave the market badly for a place where they could feel more relevant and homely. They thought this place they dreamed of was going to feel like heaven, if not heaven itself…
As we all know, that in every gathering there’s always an odd one out. This is the case of one of the potatoes who goes by the name “Badmus”. To tell the truth, Badmus is not in any way like the rest of the potatoes and to crown it,he has a very low self-esteem. Therefore, he never thought he would be opportune to go to the place they all presumed “heaven”.
However, man proposes and God disposes. On a fateful day, a pregnant woman who had cravings for chips came by and bought the basket of “slay” potatoes. On getting to the preggy’s house, the woman washed them and Ronnie took time to make up and made sure her brows were on “fleek”.


Little did they all know that they were being prepared for death. The first to be killed was Badmus and the rest of them watched in awe.
Troy then decided in his thoughts to find a way by which he could escape without caring about Ronnie, the supposed love of his life. (At that time, the love Unfortunately, there was no escaping for any of them as they were all killed and buried in sauce, dripping all over their bodies…Lmao!!!!
I hope y’all enjoyed reading “the fate of potatoes??”…..*Smiles*

Bisola Daniels

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