Welcome to Foodie 2.x!

We don’t just deliver a great meal, we deliver a great experience! Foodie started predominantly as an online food service whereby users can order for the meal (from our list of offerings) of their choice on our mobile app or through our hotline and get it delivered to them wherever they are (within our range of coverage). But gradually we evolved, our users wanted more and so we gave them more!
Now, on the foodie platform you can get a range of consumables ranging from the well known Jollof Rice to Ewa-Agayin or the 5-star Pepperoni Pizza. You can pay for this straight from your bank account and watch it get delivered to you in real time “Uber style”. You can top up your order with deserts such as ice cream, soft drinks or chicken salad and get all this delivered in less than 30+5minutes. At the end of your order you can rate the whole experience in the app letting us know how you feel (feedback).
In short we have undergone a massive transformation in our bid to make sure you have the best service possible. There are other features and titbits you will come across as you explore our services developed with you in mind and tailored to meet your needs. Some have been designed to excite you, some to inform you, some others to make it easier to get back to us. The idea is simply to put you first, what you need, what more, what you might need. To get all of these services readily available to you on demand on our platform.
Sooo, we hope you approve of the new upgrades (We know you are going to love them) and we promise to never relent in bringing you the best of food and consumables and everything awesome around you! We are really excited and can’t wait to unveil all the cool stuffs we have planned for you, so hold on, sit tight and tighten you seat belts cause we promise you only the best of experience with FOODIE!! Remember, should you love Foodie as much as we do, then tell your friends about it and make sure they tell their friends about it cause together we become unstoppable. Therefore, relax and enjoy as we take you through the journey of a true Nigerian start-up.
Welcome to FOODIE 2.x!!!
NB: Some of the features and products expressed above may not be available at launch but relax…you are getting all of it.